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Art. 1 - The Cultural and Music Association "Amici della Musica" indexes and organizes:the 16th  Music Competition that will be placed at the Park Hotel La Grave - Strada Comunale Chiancudd, 1 from October 28th to November 3rd 2018.


Art. 2 - Aim of The Competition is to promote “Musical Culture”, to near young students to the study of music, to discover young talents and to attract new visitorsto our outstanding and unique beauty of the southern italian “Apulia” Region.All Italian and Foreign musicians can enroll to the Competition.


Art. 3 – The competition articulates itself in 5 sections. 


1.          Piano

2.          Strings

3.          Singing

4.          Chamber Music      from 2 to 5 musicians

5.          Choral Groups, Orchestral Group and similar.



Art. 4CATEGORIES  E TESTS   (free choice of musical excerpt)


Sections 1 e  2         PIANO and STRINGS SOLOISTS          


A.        For who’s born 1st January  2009 on . Max lenght  5 mins.      

B.        For who’s born 1st January  2007 on. Max lenght  7 mins.      

C.        For who’s born 1st January  2005 on. Max lenght  11 mins..   

D.        For who’s born 1st January  2002 on. Max lenght  13 mins..   

E.         For who’s born 1st January  1999 on.              Max lenght  15 mins.    

F.         For who’s born 1st January  1994 on.  Max lenght  20 mins.    

G.        Without age limits.                                      Max lenght  30 mins.    



Section 3   SINGING


A.        Music for solo instruments

B.        Chamber Music  (max 5 players)


Section  4    CHAMBER MUSIC      


A.        For who’s born 1st January  2003 on . Max lenght  6 mins.     

B.        For who’s born 1st January  1999 on . Max lenght  10 mins.   

C.        For who’s born 1st January  1993 on . Max lenght  15 mins.   

D.        Without age limits.                                       Max lenght  25 mins.   

E.         Special Duo*                                              Max lenght 10 mins.

*Young musicians (max 12 years old) with their teacher or a relative (min 25 years old). Also 4 hands piano is allowed.




A.        For who’s born 1st January  2000 on .            Max lenght  10 mins.

B.        Without age limits.                                     Max lenght  20 mins.   


Attention:   For sections 4, 5 the category of belongings of the contenders is determined from the average of the years of birth of the members.




Participants  can enroll in several categories by paying their membership fees.

Participants must send the pdf file of score and the midi file or audio.



Art. 5 - Every contender can enroll more sections, but to one single category of each section.

Art. 6 - The contenders can enroll themselves to an advanced category .

Art. 7 - The official competition calendar will be published on October 13th, 2018. Candidates can telephone for informations on:

 +39 080 4965207 or +39 335 8189399 or +39 080 8983870  or +39 347 7169348 (English language, better if with SMS) or can access the Competition website:

Art. 8 - All the exams are open to the public. The results are announced at the end of each exam.

Art. 9 - Candidates will be called in alphabetic order, starting from the surname chosen by lot by the members of the Organizing Committee the day before the Competition.

Art. 10 - Absent candidates who will be late, will play at the end of category if the jury will be in agreement.

Art. 11 - Candidates must exhibit their personal identification documents and two copies of their chosen pieces to the Judges before the exam.





Art. 12 - All registration forms must be sent to the Association within October 5th, 2018. (The date on the envelope is considered as binding. ) Candidates must include a copy of their birth certificate (or signed declaration thereof) and the registration fee made out to the :

ü  Associazione “Amici della Musica” Casella postale 58,  70013  Castellana Grotte (Ba) Italy.

ü  Registration forms can also be handed in directly at the Association office in Via Fato 3, Castellana Grotte -Ba

Incomplete registration forms are not valid.


Art. 13Admission fee. The fee is not subject to refund, except in the case of cancellation of the Competition. Fees can be paid by money transfer on:

Banca Prossima, Piazza Garibaldi n. 12 - 70013 Castellana Grotte – Ba


·             Codice  IBAN                      IT  51L 0335901 6001 00000110 426

·             Codice Bic Swift                  BCITITMX



Sections   1 and  2      Piano- Strnigs

Cat.  A / B     €.   50,00

Cat.  C / D     €.   55,00

Cat.  E / F      €.   60,00

Cat.  G           €.   65,00


Section  3 -  Choral And Instrumental Group           Quotas  for group.  


Cat. A     €. 50,00

Cat. B     €. 60,00



Section  4  - Chamber Music   Quotas  for  component

Cat. A      €.  35,00

Cat. B      €.  40,00

Cat. C      €.  45,00

Cat. D     €.  50,00

Cat. E     €.  40,00


Section  5 -  Choral And Instrumental Group           Quotas  for group.  


Cat. A     €. 150,00

Cat. B     €. 170,00



The participants who need a pianist companion have to indicate it in the registration card, have to enclose one copy of the pianistic score (pdf file) and have to pay the following additional quotas:

Section Strings       

       Cat. A / B/ C/ D    €. 40,00                     Cat. E / F    €. 45,00       Cat. G   €. 50,00    

Section Singing      

       Cat. A    €. 45,00           Cat. B   €. 50,00    





Art. 14 - The Panel, selected by members of the Organizing Committee, will be made up of teachers from The Conservatory, concert artists and well-known musicians.


Art. 15 - The Judges’ decisions are final; Judges can interrupt performances if and when they exceed the time limit (see number 4).


Art. 16 - Judges who have in the last two years or who are currently teaching one or more of the candidates must declare this at the beginning of the exam and will subsequently abstain from casting votes for those candidates.


Art. 17 PRIZES


To those who will take a score from 98 to 100 it will be given the FIRST ABSOLUTE PRIZE diploma and a cup.

To those who will take a score from 95 to 97 it will be given the FIRST PRIZE diploma and a medal.

To those who will take a score from 90 to 94 it will be given the SECOND PRIZE diploma and one Medal

To those who will take a score from 85 to 89 it will be given the THIRD PRIZE diploma and one Medal.

To those who will take a score from 80 to 84 it will be given the QUARTER PRIZE Diploma and one Medal 

To those  who will take a score from 70 to 79 it will be given the MERIT Diploma and one Medal.

To those who will take a score less than 70 it will be given a PARTECIPATION Diploma



To the absolute winners of every category the following Scholarships will be assigned:


Section  1 cat.  F          €.   200,00

Section 1  cat.  G           €.   700,00   Prize “ Don Saverio Simone”   


Section 2 cat.  F           €.  200,00 

Section 2 cat.  G           €.  700,00 


Section 3 cat.  A           €. 200,00

Section 3 cat.  B           €. 400,00


Section 4 cat.  A           €. 300,00

Section 4 cat.  B           €. 800,00


Section 5 cat.  A           €. 300,00

Section 5 cat.  B           €. 800,00



Attention!  The grant of euro is a gross figure.


Art.  18            The winners will receive their prizes during the closing evening ceremony, and only then, or risk loosing the prize. Other prizes may be collected in the Secretariat during the Competition itself. First prize winners , and other prize winners selected by the Judges, will perform for free in full concert dress in the Final Concert to be held on November 3rd.

The final concert will be transmitted on streaming on facebook page of competition.

Art. 19 - The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to these rules deemed necessary.

Art.  20  -  The Musical Association “Amici della musica” is not responsible for any accidents or damage that may occur to people or things during the journey or during the Competition itself.

Art. 21 - These rules are unconditionally binding.